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BLEM Visionary Clear Gargoyle BLEM


Visionary Clear Gargoyle BLEM

One of the best looking Clear bowling balls ever!


The quality of these balls is lower then the BLEMS which are being sold on our ebay store!

Balls may have as high as 5oz top weight

There may be pieces of clear material in front of the gargoyle statue or surface gouges as well as engraving errors and other blemishes.  Overall, the balls still look really impressive, but there are definite blemishes that are noticeable and do take away from the appearance in some way!

From what I understand, these were limited in production due to problems with the quality from Korea which is where they were made.  We were able to get our hands on some of their BLEMS and are passing the good fortune on to you! 

A Blem is a cosmetic defect in the bowling ball. These can include engraving errors, pieces of material, color variations and phasing among others. These are purely cosmetic and will in no way affect the performance of the bowling ball. There will be BLEM engraved on the ball under the serial number.

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