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Clear Hatchling


by Visionary Bowling Products

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       We are pleased to announce the release of quite possibly the most limited ball ever released.  These balls were produced for Visionary by an overseas manufacturer.  Visionary got the samples in, but never came to an agreement with the manufacturer and therefore these balls were just sitting there, never to be released.  When we found out about these balls, we made an offer and it was accepted.  First thing we did was get the balls approved by the USBC so that they are sanctioned for use in USBC competition.  Now we are proud to be the exclusive retailer of this ball!  There were only 100 of these made.

About the balls.....

   These are clear polyester balls with a "statue" inside.  Inside of this ball is 3 dragons hatching from their eggs.  Each of the eggs is at a different stage of hatching (1- just the eyes peeking out  2- head and part of claws are sticking out  3-  whole head as well as parts of legs and wings).  This is one of the most impressive clear balls I have ever seen!

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